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Tour Of Tanzania

Tanzania’s adventure tour will encourage you to visit one of the most diverse countries in Africa. From snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro to green rainforests and dry, sandy beaches. From bounding through the wild Serengeti savannah, to hunting for lions to catching up those rays on the paradise island of Zanzibar.

Visit the salt pans at the majestic Ngorongoro Crater and immerse yourself in one of the most colourful communities in the world. Witness the influence of wildbeest migration. Travel down ancient paths, explore Jail Island, or climb one of the highest mountains in the country. This tour of Tanzania is nothing short of an adventure.

Our Mission

Our goal is to accomplish in fresh and exciting ways the hopes and mission of your group’s trip, and do it better than anticipated. We aim to make every Tanzania tour arousing and energising for everyone concerned.

Our Vision

Our mission is to become a business leader in the tourism industry and also to fulfil our customers’ needs and wishes. In order to read, appreciate, link and build memories, we fulfil life-changing dreams of moving to Norway.